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Chloe Nicole

Chloe was interested in music from an early age.

  • Over the years, I've gotten my hands on a plethora of and button downs, even men's trousers in many different colors and prints but lately I've embraced suiting with a more feminine approach.

  • Chloe has accumulated this wealth from her music and modeling career.

Love Islandā€™s Chloe Burrows launches personalised name necklace line

It was only right that she rocked from head to toe, so she did just that.

  • And, I love that it's something you can keep on all day and all night, and I guess that's the story ChloĆ© came up with - keep it on in the morning, and you'll still be wearing it when you're out dancing at night.

  • She is also very famous on and.